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The Kitties of Neopia!

Wockies, Kougras and Aishas!

Wocky and Kougra Lovers
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Hello, welcome to the Wocky and Kougra Lovers Community, maintained by corellie (Or rather, her insane owner Caz, who can also be located at coolorbit)

If you love Wockies, and Kougras too, come on, join the Neokitties community. The "Mascots" are Midnight_Sorrow, KaikaTenshi (mijuju or midnight_sorrow[their old journal] and Corellie and HoshiSakae!

The reason for creating this community: We feel Wockies and Kougras dont get enough recognition, there are loads of Aishas, but not many Wockies and Kougras. So shout out your appreciation for the cute kitties! Aisha lovers certainly may come too, because aishas also rock!
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